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          The important function of packaging is to protect CTP, beautify products and transmit information. It is worth noting that for modern consumers, the latter two functions are more and more important, and designers pay more and more attention to packaging and decoration design. It is understood that in the process of packaging design, color, text, graphics and appearance are the four factors to be considered. In particular, the impact of color on consumers is often prior to the other three factors. Relevant data show that when human visual organs observe objects, color perception accounts for 80% in the first 20 seconds and modeling only accounts for 20%; after 2 minutes, color accounts for 60% and modeling 40%; after 5 minutes, both accounts for half. Therefore, in the decoration design of commodity packaging, we should pay special attention to the design and application of color, so as to improve the market share and competitiveness of commodities.
          The application of color in sales packaging is variable, but there are also some rules to follow. The color of the package should generally meet the following requirements.
          There are all kinds of products that can be printed on demand. Some goods can be used by anyone, while others are used by specific people or industries. Therefore, commodities have different properties and characteristics, and their packaging should also use different colors according to the different properties and characteristics of commodities.
          Food packaging generally uses bright, bright and coordinated colors to express the freshness and taste of food. Among them, candy, biscuit packaging is usually warm color, mostly red, yellow (milk), gold. If the use of harmonious color, should be clear, strong visual effect, bright and relaxed, highlight the color, aroma, taste of food, arouse people's appetite. The design of wine bottle should not only be beautiful and generous, but also show the characteristics of mellow and rich aroma.
          However, different kinds of wine give people different visual experience. Nourishing, nourishing and cooling give people cool color of beer packaging, give people a cool feeling. Cool colors such as blue, green and gray are often used in drug packaging to make people feel peaceful and quiet. For example, the use of "white and black" drug packaging (see Figure 2).
          Cosmetics are mostly used by women, the packaging should be more concise and elegant, light color, give people a delicate, delicate, smooth, tender feeling. Daily hardware products (knives, scissors, etc.) should be packaged in simple colors to reflect the firmness and durability of the internal structure of the product. Toys and stationery packaging and lively color are more, in order to adapt to children's strong demand for color packaging machinery, suitable for their naive psychological characteristics. Electronic products in order to reflect its high-tech, its packaging is often blue.
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