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          來源:http://www.mosstuckerlaw.com/   發布時間:2021-10-11
          1. First seek the right, then seek the wonderful
          精彩的創意點子令人眼睛一亮,印象深刻,但正確的訴求才會改變人的態度,影響人的行為。比如在做服裝畫冊時,高明的模特要利用身體語言盡量表現設計師的盡心制作,但千萬忌諱讓自己的高明條件掩蓋了服飾的風采,否則很容易將讀者的注意力吸引到模特的身材上而忘卻了服裝才是真 正的主角,再好的創意如不能有用的傳達信息,那都是違背精神的。
          Wonderful creative ideas make people bright and impressive, but the correct demands will change people's attitude and affect people's behavior. For example, when making a clothing album, a smart model should use body language to show the designer's dedication to making, but it is taboo to let his smart conditions cover up the style of clothing, otherwise it is easy to attract the reader's attention to the model's body and forget that clothing is the real protagonist. No matter how good the creativity can't effectively convey information, That's against the spirit.
          2. The purpose and theme of the album should be firmly locked

          No matter what kind of album creativity, we must be reader oriented. The album is for readers to see. It is to achieve certain goals and promote market operation. It is neither to please the evaluation of advertising awards, nor to let others collect it, nor to make the creator complacent. Creative personnel need to deeply understand the mentality of the target object, so creativity can easily resonate.
          3. Get to the point
          文學家或導演有幾十萬字或者120分鐘的時間可以說故事,宣傳畫冊只有很有限的文字和頁面可以講故事。因此,創意人員要習慣抓重 點的思考方式,而且抓住重 點做大文章。
          A writer or director has tens of thousands of words or 120 minutes to tell a story, and the publicity album has only a very limited text and pages to tell a story. Therefore, creative personnel should get used to the way of thinking focusing on the key points, and grasp the key points to make a big article.
          4. Be simple and clear
          客戶看宣傳畫冊是一種手段而不是一種目的,當作合作決策的參考。而且,多半情況下,讀者是被動地接受畫冊上傳遞的信息,越容易被知覺器 官吸收的信息也就越容易侵入他的潛意識。切莫高估計讀者對信息的理解和分析能力,尤其是高層的決策人員,他們是沒有太多時間去思考這些創意的。因此,創意要簡單明了,易于聯想。
          It is a means rather than a purpose for customers to see the brochure, which can be used as a reference for cooperative decision-making. Moreover, in most cases, the reader passively accepts the information transmitted in the album. The more easily the information absorbed by the perceptual organs is, the easier it is to invade his subconscious. Chermo estimates that readers' ability to understand and analyze information, especially senior decision-makers, do not have much time to think about these ideas. Therefore, creativity should be simple and easy to associate.
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