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          來源:http://www.mosstuckerlaw.com/   發布時間:2021-11-17
          As a handbag printing and processing practitioner for many years, I would like to share with you some problems that need to be understood in the customized printing of handbags, so as to solve the confusion of many users in the process of customizing handbags. As we all know, with the development and progress of society, human consumption is becoming more and more diversified, from meeting basic needs to a higher-level consumption concept. For example, daily shopping and takeout are inseparable from handbags.
          In the process of customizing handbags, both businesses and various groups should first clarify the use scenarios and actual use needs of handbags. For example, in the takeout industry, we should first consider the firmness, durability and environmental protection and hygiene of handbags, not only to meet the safety of food reaching customers in the process of takeout distribution, but also to be beautiful and generous, Good communication of catering brand image. At present, the common take away bags on the market are made of two materials: kraft paper environmental protection paper bags and non-woven products.
          And some handbags, which appear in business occasions, are mostly used to spread the corporate brand image and corporate culture. At the same time, they can meet the needs of enterprises to pack some small gifts, hand gifts, and the company's business materials, such as brochures, folding, product description materials, investment promotion manuals, etc. At present, white cardboard is the most common business handbag. Its material is solid and shaped with good load-bearing capacity. It is a good choice in the process of business exchanges.
          There are also some industries, such as the education industry, which need to pack some relatively heavy things such as learning materials and books, and use them frequently. For example, in training classes or counseling classes, children should pack materials in bags in advance, so it is more suitable to use non-woven fabrics to make handbags, which can be reused and not easy to be damaged.
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