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          來源:http://www.mosstuckerlaw.com/   發布時間:2022-01-10
          1. The arrangement of copy and effective content shall be more than 3mm away from the cutting line to avoid text being cut during cutting.
          2. The designed document shall convert the text of the manuscript into a curve to avoid the loss of text or disordered code due to the inability to find the font during plate making.
          3. Please do not use system words when inputting text, which will cause white nodes at the interleaving of strokes. Turn the font into a curve and zoom in. If there is a white node at the staggered stroke of the text, it indicates that this font is a system word or a font that cannot be used for printing, and other fonts need to be used.
          4. Avoid printing text after typing with Photoshop and bitmap software. Bitmap text will be blurred to varying degrees during printing.
          5. The wireframe thickness of all input or self drawn lines, color blocks and other graphics shall not be less than 0.1mm, otherwise the printed products will be broken or unable to be presented.
          6. The "edge width" cannot be set for any gradient object. Due to the different interpretation of CTP publishing system, the gradient edge will be insufficiently filled.
          7. If the picture is not processed well or the picture format is wrong, the picture will be lost. RGB pictures or other pictures with non cmyk32 bits lower than 300dpi will cause color change and blur. When using frame precision clipping, please check whether there is any lock to frame precision clipping, such as unlocked. All objects within the frame will be lost.
          8. In coreldraw9, when applied to gradients, rotation during composition is easy to cause errors in the direction of gradient layers. When applied to interactive effects (such as stereo effect and shadow effect), it is easy to cause effect displacement and loss when the version is compatible and rotated. Please separate the effect after making the effect, and then turn the dot matrix again. (warm tip: if the shadow effect is based on color, please modify the single black filling of the shadow. For example, if the base map is yellow, add an appropriate amount of yellow in the black of the effect, C = 0, y = 80, M = 0, k = 100, which can solve the problem of gray layer in the effect and affect the quality. When using the gradient effect: single color gradient to black, modify the single black filling, such as : the gradient from magenta to black is changed to: C = 0, y = 0, M = 100, k = 100 in black, which can solve the gradient effect. The gray layer in the gradient layer affects the quality.)
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